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Wooden Chess Set - How To Play Chess For Beginners

Wooden Chess Set

by on May 31, 2011

If you are looking for a great wooden chess set then I hope this article helps you out. I plan to help you get the best bang for your buck when it comes to finding the right chess set that matches your needs and budget. After all you can’t learn how to play chess without owning your first chess set.

I will be sharing chess sets from Amazon.com and the ChessHouse.com. Both offer great wooden chess set at great prices.

Wooden Chess Set From Amazon.com

wooden chess set 300x154 Wooden Chess Set15in Wooden Folding Chess Set:

This Wooden Chess Set here is 15 x 15 inchess and the tallest piece which is the king is 3.25 inches high.

It is a folding chess board which provides for easy storing of the pieces when not in use and are secured by elastic straps. It also has a metal clasp which prevents unintentional opening of the set.

It is the top rated Wooden chess set on Amazon with over 21 positive reviews. It is priced extremely affordable for any beginner player.

The Price for this chess set is $24.95 and if you spend over $25 you can get free shipping.

wooden chess set reviews 300x96 Wooden Chess Set

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Wooden Chess Set From Amazon #2

wooden chess set 2 300x181 Wooden Chess Set

Ambassador Chess Set and Board:

If you have a bigger budget and are looking for something with a little more attention to detail and a bit better quality you may want to consider this hand crafted wooden chess set.

The chess board is made of birch and the chess pieces are made of solid hornbeam wood which are hand crafted in Poland.

The board measures 21 x 21 inches and the King measures at 4.2 inches.

There are over 10 positive reviews and a few of the reviews mention how well detailed the pieces are. Some also mention that the pieces could be weighed a little more but are overall happy with their purchase. It is also a folding set so it provides safe keeping of the pieces when not in use.

This chess set is priced at $70.99 and ships for free since you are spending over $25.

review 2 300x95 Wooden Chess Set

==>To learn more or purchase this chess set from Amazon Click Here<==

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Wooden Chess Set From ChessHouse.com

wooden chess set 3 300x203 Wooden Chess Set The Club Chess Set and Board Combination (Ebonized):

This amazing chess set is brought to you by chesshouse.com which is known for providing excellent chess boards of extremely high quality.

Both the board and the pieces are hand carved by master artisans and crafted out of the highest grade woods.

The pieces are made of Ebonized Boxwood which is created when Boxwood is treated with a specialized stain to create the look of Ebony. When done properly, it can be difficult to distinguish between an ebonized and ebony piece when brand new.

The board is 19″ with 2.0″ Squares and features Mahogany (dark) and Maple (light) squares with a Mahogany frame. The king is 3.75″ tall. It is not a folding chess board but it comes with a separate box for storing the pieces and it come with 2 queens per color so 4 in total.

There are 2 5 star reviews and over 9 other customers found the reviews helpful.

This great chess piece is priced at $99.95+ shipping which varies based on your location.

rating Wooden Chess Set

==>To Learn more or purchase this Set From ChessHouse Click Here<==

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Wooden Chess Set From The Chess House #2

wooden chess set 4 300x198 Wooden Chess SetThe Grandmaster Chess Set and Board Combination:


This amazing chess board is a tournament sized chess board standing at 21.25″ and the King standing at 4″ tall. It is also made of the highest grade wood and hand crafted by master artisans.

The chess pieces are also made of Ebonized Boxwood as the one mentioned above which gives it a very natural looking Ebony feel.

As you can see in the picture to the left it is not a folding chess set but comes with a box for safe keeping of the pieces when not in use.

There are 6 RAVING reviews for this product and they are all blown away by the value and attention to detail that this chess board comes with.

The price of this set is $159.95 + shipping which depends on your location

review 31 Wooden Chess Set

==>To Learn More or Purchase this set from Chess House Click here<==

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That’s pretty much it guys these are just 4 of many wooden chess set that can be found on either Amazon.com or Chesshouse.com. If neither of these wooden chess set meet your needs or budget then you can feel free to search through their other products that they offer and choose for yourself.  These are just a few that caught my attention.

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Topher July 28, 2011 at 11:50 am

The puhrcaess I make are entirely based on these articles.


July 28, 2011 at 7:54 pm

Thank you Topher! Be sure to support the site and click on one of the links contained herein. I do get paid a small commission by the vendors if you buy through a link on this site.

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