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How To Play Chess For Beginners

How To Play Chess For Beginners 300x206 How To Play Chess For BeginnersHello and Welcome. I am happy to have you here on my how to learn to play chess for beginners website. I look forward to sharing great information with you to help you better understand the game of chess and more importantly improve your game.

If you are new to chess do NOT worry, chess is a game of skill and as any skill it can be learned.

Once you start playing, time and number of games played is in your favor. With every new game and new opponent your game will improve.

Before you know it you will find people who you play well against and are able to dominate. From there you can scale up and start playing more advanced players and that’s when things really start to get fun and your game goes to a whole new level.

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I want to first cover a few of the basics.

The Basics of Chess

Chess is a two player board game, one person plays with light pieces and the other plays with dark pieces. Each player gets 16 pieces to maneuver and they take turns moving one piece at a time throughout the game.

The opponent with the light pieces moves first. The ultimate objective of the game is to “trap” the King of your opponent which is referred to as Checkmate.

Not every game ends in a checkmate the only other alternate finish to a game is by stalemate. Where one of the opponents King is NOT in check but is trapped in such a way that no matter where he moves he will be putting his King in check which is NOT a legal move.

Another example of a stalemate is when both players are only left with their King. So it’s basically King Vs King which is a stalemate.

There is one more way to end a game and that is if one person quits and throws in the towel. You do not want to give up too quickly on a chess game because mistakes are easily made and with one crucial mistake you can completely take over the game.

Let’s quickly get into the basics of the board set up.

The Chess Board Set Up

There are a few simple tips to remember when setting up the board. One main factor to remember is the Queen always goes on her color in the first row next to the King. To make it easier I will break it down from LEFT to Right below.

The First Row From Left To Right If you are playing with the dark pieces
chess board set up black1 How To Play Chess For Beginners

1. Your Rook
2. Your Knight
3. Your Bishop
4. Your King
5. Your Queen
6. Your Second Bishop
7. Your Second Knight
8. Your Second Rook

The First Row from left to right if playing with the light pieces goes as follows:

chess board set up white How To Play Chess For Beginners

1. Your Rook
2. Your Knight
3. Your Bishop
4. Your Queen
5. Your King
6. Your Second Bishop
7. Your Second Knight
8. Your Second Rook

Like I mentioned before no matter if you’re playing the light pieces or the dark pieces the queen always goes on her corresponding color as you see in the image above.

The second row contains your pawn which have very limited movement but can be very effective in setting up and protecting your game.

I hope to make my how to play chess for beginners website a great resource for you especially if you’re just getting started. Now that we have broken down the set up of the board it is time to learn how each piece moves.

How The Chess Pieces Move

How To Move Your King How To Play Chess For Beginners

Your King:

Your King is probably the most useless piece in your arsenal BUT  it’s the piece you MUST protect the most. Allow your opponent to trap your king and the game is over. As you can see in the image the king is very limited in his movement.

He can only move one space at a time whether it’s forward, backward, left, right, or diagonally. Your king is always the tallest piece on the board and as mentioned before you want to always keep him protected.


How To move your queen How To Play Chess For Beginners

Your Queen:

Unlike the king, your queen is the most powerful and versatile piece you posses. There is very little that she can’t do. It will be very easy to spot which piece is your Queen because she will most likely have a crown at the top.

As seen in the image your queen can move in all directions and accross as many spaces as possible as long as their are no other pieces in her way. Although she is the most valuable piece you posses you want to play her cautiously. You would not want to give her up without an equal or better trade from your opponent.


How To Move Your Bishop How To Play Chess For Beginners

Your Bishop:

You will have two bishops in your arsenal, one on a light space and one on a dark space. The bishop can ONLY move diagonally BUT across as many spaces as he wishes without jumping any pieces.

Since your bishop can only move diagonally he will always remain on the same color which he started on.

He will usually look very similar to the image to the right with a pointy head.


banner ad new 2 How To Play Chess For Beginners

How To Move Your Knight How To Play Chess For Beginners

Your Knight:

Your knight is probably the most unique piece you have when it comes to the moves he’s allowed to do.Your knight is the only piece that can jump over other pieces and move in the shape of an “L” from any space he’s on.

As you can see in the image it’s always two spaces up/down and one space over OR one space up/down and two spaces over NO matter the direction.

The fact that he can jump pieces makes him a very valuable piece and can usually turn up some unexpected captures for you because of this. He will usually come in the shape of a horse.


How To Move Your Rook How To Play Chess For Beginners

Your Rook:

Your Rook or also known as your castle is just like your bishop BUT it can only move horizontally or vertically across as many spaces without jumping over any pieces.

You also have two of them one on a black space and one on a white space but this can change throughout the game as you move them around.

Your Rook is a very powerful piece when it comes to attacking your opponent’s King especially later in the game since it can move across the entire board to put your opponent on check.

It is usually shaped just like a castle at the top.


How to move your Pawn How To Play Chess For Beginners

Your Pawn:

You have a total of 8 pawns at the beginning of every game. They are put in front of all your other pieces to serve as a shield. On their FIRST move you can choose to move them up one space or two. But once you move them they can only move forward one space at a time, never in the game can they move backwards.

They can eat an opponent ONLY if the opponent is in the space directly across from them diagonally.

Although they are very limited in their movement they can serve you extremely well later in the game because if they are able to make it all the way to the other side you are able to trade them in for any other piece of your choice (preferably a Queen).


A Few Things To Remember:

There are a few thing I want to cover before I wrap up the how to play chess for beginners basics.

1. Never let go of your piece until you are absolutely sure you want to make that particular move. The second you let go of your piece there is no going back. Unless you are playing with a timer there is NO time limit to make your move so be patient analyze the board THEN make your move.

2. We spoke about checkmate earlier but there is also another way to attack the king which is called “Check.” This basically means you are attacking the King but he can move out of the way and clear from the line of fire. If you place your opponent on “Check” it is considered good manners to let them know but this is optional.

3. Like I mentioned earlier “Checkmate” signals the end of the game. This happens when you’re King is ON check and no matter where he tries to move he will be on check. So in essence he is completely trapped.

In conclusion keep in mind that you always want to be protecting your King, attacking your opponent and protecting your pieces. Don’t focus too much on trying to checkmate your opponent early in the game, focus on breaking down their game and capturing as many of their pieces as possible.

Now that you have a good understanding of the game it’s time to purchase your first chess board. You can find some of our recommended beginners chess boards at our chess boards for sale page or our wooden chess set page.

I hope this article helped you to understand how to play chess for beginners and help to give you the confidence to challenge your first opponent.

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alma luisa salazar moreno October 20, 2011 at 2:17 am

Chess is a game for two people in which you use a 8×8 board, in which are black and white squares, this game used 16 of these 32 pieces for each player, rocking faith in this game requires a lot ability and skill, never have played chess since I find it very difficult and I never understand and reason therefore.
In my country I think it is very popular because there is so much culture here for these games of skill, but unlike most popular games are as in the case of the lottery and card games.
Alma Auisa Salazar Moreno
Eduardo Mata
Devin Quintero
Perla Soledad Sierra Serrato


saibu November 6, 2011 at 1:36 pm

i was just walking on a beautiful day i saw some guys playing it. so i stood byside them and watch how they play the game obviously, i could not understand anything but decided to know how to play the game not quite long but i never hard a chance to till downloaded the game from a friend computer which i tried to play. but it seems am not doing anything because i dont understand a jack in it. at a point i was kind of pisted off. so am looking for a grandmaster that can really teach me the game.sorry gus i just have to do.


December 1, 2011 at 4:57 am

Hey Saibu,

Chess is truly an amazing game. It is both fun and makes you think outside of the box. I’m glad you have sparked an interest in the game. Just be patient and you will start getting the hang of it. The more you play the better you will get. Pick up as many books and courses as you can.

Anything I can do to help let me know


Janice January 31, 2013 at 3:36 am

Is there a way to to check mate someone in four moves? My dad showed me a way, sadly i dont remember now. When i tried it on my brother one day he said my pieces were in the wrong order, though they’e been in the same order they were in when my dad showed me the trick. I dont know what to do now.


January 31, 2013 at 3:48 am

Hey Janice,

Here is the 4 move checkmate in short http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpXR-nENjD8 I remember when I was first learning how to play and It was done on me. I was quite surprised :)


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